Meet the Team

  • Dr.
    George Schoedinger III
    Medical Director

    Dr. Schoedinger is a highly educated, experienced, specialized board-certified orthopedic surgeon and medical director at The Health Centers. He has practiced for 59 years after being a Naval officer attached to the Marine Corp as a regimental surgeon. He completed medical school in Oregon and residency in Texas and Washington University in St Louis. He is nationally recognized as an author and for his many surgical inventions, contributions and has been listed as a Top Doc in orthopedics for many years. 

    Dr. George is loved by his patients for his skills but most of all his bedside manner. In addition to being able to improve and at times stop neck, back & joint pain, as well as improve form & function, he now evaluates & treats patients with seasonal or affective depressive disorders using TMS therapy and Ketamine IVs. 

    Dr. Schoedinger is married with grown children, enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling with his lovely wife

  • Dr.
    Dennis Rodden
    RN, DC, NMD

    Dr. Rodden is the Administrator at The Health Centers. His 41-year healthcare career began when he earned a degree as an RN then became a chiropractor and finally a naturopathic medical doctor N.M.D. Today he continues to treat patients but now focuses on functional & physical medicine as he treats Autism and Brain/Memory patients with IV infusion therapy, patients who want PRP/StemCell treatments for joint pain, cosmetic purposes, and sexual enhancement purposes. 

    He also treats patients suffering from seasonal or affective depressive disorders using TMS therapy, Ketamine IVs and GreenLight therapy, Bio-Identical hormone therapy, sexual enhancement procedures, Life Coaching and so much more. In his spare time, he helps support the team of MDs, DCs, PTs, Nurse Practitioners, Therapists, and clinical staff at The Health Centers. 

    He is nationally recognized for his achievements, contributions, and developments in healthcare. He served as past-president of John Thomas College of Naturopathic Medicine, past-chairman for the International Chiropractic Knights of the Roundtable, past-district president for the state chiropractic association, and was voted Chiropractor of the Year by his peers. He also was a faculty member and graduate school instructor at Logan University as well as a professional author and healthcare consultant having lectured more than 300 times to doctors across the USA. His passion today as our Administrator is to ensure all patients receive very affordable healthcare services in an environment that is beyond belief. 

    Dr. Rodden is a proud Christian father, grandfather, great-grandfather and calls St Charles county his home.

  • Dr.
    William Nessing
    DC, CME
    Chief of Staff

    Dr. Nessing practiced for 37 years at the North County Doctors Group in Florissant before moving his patients to The Health Centers in 2014 and becoming our Chief of Staff. As our Chief, he oversees all of the healthcare providers, patient quality of care and always has a smile as he welcomes any patient to call or talk to him about anything at any time. 

    In 2020 Dr. Nessing became the director of our COVID testing and vaccination department. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects, types & variants, precautions, and treatment for COVID patients. 

    Dr. Nessing is also a certified Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation to perform examinations for commercial truck and taxi drivers as well as being certified to perform BasicMed exams for pilots. Dr. Nessing is loved by his patients for his expertise as a chiropractor where he specializes in treating acute and chronic pain due to stenosis, nerve entrapment, and disc injuries using spinal decompression therapy. 

    Dr. Nessing is loved by his patients because his passion continues to be helping patients live without pain.

  • Dr
    Paul Spahn

    Dr. Paul Spahn is a highly educated, experienced chiropractor, board-certified as a sports physician, in strength and conditioning and acupuncture. He has practiced for the past 36+ years at The Health Centers. He is the director of the Sports & Athletic & Acupuncture departments. 

    Dr. Spahn is recognized as an innovative leader in the treatment of smoking & drug addictions using acupuncture and is considered an expert by many M.D.s, attorneys, and insurance adjusters in evaluations, treatment, and testimony of traumatic conditions, injuries, and pain syndromes caused by motor vehicle accidents. He has treated thousands of patients and has extensive experience treating neck, back, and extremity disorders. 

    Dr. Spahn has treated Weekend Athletes, Olympians, Professional & International Athletes, and served on several boards, as a director for multiple organizations. Dr. Spahn graduated with honors from Logan University 36 years ago and is admired by his patients who value his experience, skills, and passion to help his patients.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Dr. Jennifer Williams is highly educated, experienced & specializes as a doctor nurse practitioner. She is the director of the Women's Health & Wellness and Adult-Gerontology Primary Care department at The Health Centers. 

    She began her healthcare career as a licensed massage therapist, earned her RN degree and advanced degree as a doctor nurse practitioner, certified in many specialties as evidenced by all the initials behind her name. She is loved by her patients for her commitment to them because she spends as much time with each and every patient as they need. Dr. Williams is very good at helping women lose weight, balance their hormones and optimize the way they feel. 

    She is married, lives in Lake St Louis, enjoys her kitty cats, home improvement projects, gardening, motorcycles, traveling & fine dining. Call Dr. Williams for an appointment today and you will see why so many people are happy she is their personal doctor.

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